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who we are .

CA Insurance Services Inc. works collaboratively with corporate insurance clients and independent insurance consultants to tailor needs and inefficiencies with expertise and experience. Our consultants bring you an independent third party perspective, and a fresh point of view.

Since 2005, our consultants have been providing quality audit and consulting services to the North American and Lloyd's insurance markets. We work with clients looking to enhance internal audit programs, and those looking to outsource or start audit programs from scratch. We are particularly good listeners which allows us to interpret your needs and design programs tailored for your organization.


Jody Meadwell

Principal Consultant

I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration and joined the industry after several work terms in various insurance departments. I realized the world of insurance was full of options – from sales to risk management, finance to legal to IT, with opportunities in claims, underwriting and actuarial sciences – all while learning about personal lines exposures, commercial risks and the specialty market. With the various distribution channels available and the number of service providers in the industry, I knew there would always be variety.And the industry did not disappoint. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from so many great people. Starting in sales, I received my Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) in Claims and moved into this area as an adjuster. An underwriting opportunity came up while I was working towards my Fellowship (FCIP) and Canadian Risk Management designations, and I jumped at the chance to learn how to write clear policies to ensure a smooth claims experience. I continued to work in various areas in increasingly senior roles for a handful of major insurers and MGAs, and worked with both small and national brokers.For the past ten years, I have been specializing in audit and customized consulting for domestic and international insurers, MGAs, retail brokers and service providers. I approach each engagement as an opportunity to learn, as well as to teach. I feel that together we know more and have the best chance to make things right, turn things around, or put on our best public face.And you thought the words insurance and auditor were boring. As the Principal Consultant at CA Insurance Services, I think you couldn’t be more wrong!

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Ameya Consulting, LLC.

Alternate Dispute Resolution & USA Audit Leader.

Commercial Insurance Management Professionals Inc.

Operational Solutions.


what we do .

When growing your insurance business, you may encounter roadblocks and maybe even an occasional fork in the road. Your course appeared clear in the beginning, but now you realize the journey is more complicated than you imagined. That’ s where CA Insurance Services Inc. can help. We are independent consultants and trusted advisers to the insurance industry. Our consultants are former senior company underwriters and claims examiners, many with executive experience and comprehensive knowledge of retail brokerage and MGA operations. Our experience spans domestic and international insurance and reinsurance markets, and we have worked with clients handling all lines of business. We specialize in audits and compliance, but we are so much more!

CA Insurance Services Inc. is a leading provider of independent insurance advisory and audit services with standard or customized offerings, on a limited or continuous basis. We do not sell insurance and are not affiliated with any insurance company, adjusting firm or MGA/brokerage. We handle large and small tasks, and shine at all things in between. We are comfortable working independently, or as part of your team.

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We want to help you be your best.

Perhaps you require an impartial or expert opinion, or specialized experience to move a project along. Maybe you are experiencing a knowledge gap from a new system or process, or even the loss of a key staff member. Our network of independent insurance consultants provides you with a wealth of experience at your fingertips, so there is no need to find, hire or add permanent staff to get you over the hump.

Here's where we can help:

  • Training and Development
  • Wordings Comparisons and Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Client or Customer Surveys
  • Business Analysis (assistance with systems’ design or beta testing)

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Coverholder & Agency Audits

As a host company, you may delegate authority in several areas and you want to ensure compliance across functional areas. Coverholder and Agency Audits are the most comprehensive, often incorporating many of our other services. We tailor audit requirements to your specific needs, and we bring regional knowledge and expertise. With hundreds of Coverholder and Agency audits under our belts, we may already be familiar with your delegated market!

Companies that delegate and those with delegated authority often have similar goals, but with different perspectives and environments.  We help bridge the gap to encourage effective communication and suggest improvements that ensure compliance and efficiency.  Our standard audit scope complies with the most recent Lloyd’s market requirements. With a team of experienced consultants, we can rotate auditors as required to ensure objectivity; however, we find there are times when follow up by the original consultant adds benefit.

Compliance Audits

Compliance audits are often required to ensure appropriate checks and balances are in place. Traditionally performed as a checklist audit, we can also comment on compliance content as required. We find that many MGAs and large brokerages perform operations such as Compliance, Marketing, IT, Finance or Accounting in different locations from their underwriting or claims activities so we work with all parties to offer remote or  checklist audits where appropriate, and best organize compliance checks with other audit needs.

Underwriting or Claims/Third Party Administrator (TPA) Audits

Our consultants have varied subject-matter experience, and our underwriting and claims audits span a diverse range of portfolios. We offer a standard or tailored scope of work which may focus on specific results, groups, or departments. Underwriting audits may include review of underwriting standards and guidelines, underwriting tools, wordings, or staff. Claims audits may concentrate on service levels, expenses, proper reserving, or effectiveness of counsel. Thorough file review is an important part of these visits, and we concentrate on the good and the bad, with specific focus on problematic patterns. We use your rules and guidelines, with results determined through questioning, examining, investigating, researching, testing, and evidencing. Non-compliance is an obvious focus, but we also recognize when intent may not be well understood and encourage open dialogue on important topics.

Bordereaux, Claims Fund, & Management Information Review

As a company that delegates authority, you may want to focus on specific areas such as funds tracking, aggregate exposures, or claims fund management. When using on-lines systems, you may wish to test the parameters programed into the system before going live, or on a continuous basis each time a programming change is made. We can design an audit program to address your specific needs.

Operational Audits / Process Review

The status quo may currently be the right solution, but that may not always be the case. Whether you are contemplating going in a new direction, acquiring additional staff, considering new systems or procedures, or questioning whether new markets or products are a good idea, there may be times when you want to push the envelope. We have decades of experience working for and consulting with insurers, MGAs and brokerages of all sizes across North America, and that allows us to bring a fresh viewpoint to the table. We help prioritize and focus internal ideas and inject external ideas. We know what works but more importantly, we know what doesn’t. And we would love to share that knowledge with you.

Pre-Appointment, Due Diligence, or Run-Off Review

These customized audits focus on agency readiness for delegated authority, due diligence related to mergers and acquisitions, or focus on an agency’s ability to manage risk during a run-off period.